Jeffrey Bisson, DMD and Dane Fletcher, DMD

Should I get a silver filling or a tooth-colored filling?

There's no quick answer to this question, as the answer will depend on a number of individual factors. Where is your cavity located? How deep or large is it? What's your personal preference? We will take all of these into account when we recommend a filling. 

Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent choice for cavities that are located in the teeth that are visible when you smile. We can mix the composite resin material to perfectly match the natural shade of your teeth so that once the filling is cured and polished, it will flawlessly blend in. The only people who will ever know that you have had a cavity are you and your Cheshire Dental Associates dentist! 

If your cavity is located in one of your back teeth and is pretty large, we may recommend a silver (amalgam) filling. These fillings are safe and stable and are the right choice when durability and stability are important concerns. If you're worried about discoloration or other issues, we can also discuss dental crowns. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about the filling we recommend, please contact us and let us know. Your safety, comfort, and aesthetics are all important to us. 

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