Jeffrey Bisson, DMD and Dane Fletcher, DMD

Are dental x-rays safe?

Absolutely. Dental x-rays emit low rates of radiation, especially when compared to other types of medical radiography. Additionally, at Cheshire Dental Associates, we take it a step further by using digital x-rays and digital photography to get the information we need. This further reduces the amount of radiation you are exposed to while allowing for excellent diagnostic capability. We also use lead aprons and other shielding techniques to make sure that you are exposed to the absolute minimum amount of radiation necessary.

X-rays and other forms of digital imaging are our most valuable diagnostic tools. They allow us to see beneath your enamel and your gums so that we can identify developing problems in their absolute earliest stages. Here at Cheshire Dental Associates, we always want to practice the most conservative and least invasive dentistry possible, and digital imaging is an important tool that allows us to do just that. Our patients appreciate this philosophy as well because it means fewer procedures and dental expenses and more comfortable care.

Advances in x-ray technology have produced some marvelous features. For example, with digital imaging, we can zoom in on suspicious areas, highlight and color for better definition and education, and integrate your images directly into your patient record so that we can recall them in an instant at future visits. We're excited to offer this modern technology to our patients and thrilled at the advances in dental care that it offers.


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